Welcome to The Soul Academy!

An Interactive Webinar-based Spiritual School for Thriving in the Modern World with Classes hosted Weekly by Vishuddha Das (Koi Fresco)

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Learn from the Comfort of Home

Since our Academy is based fully online, it means you can work from the comfort of you own home while simultaneously improving your life in both spiritual & material terms.

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Part Family, Part Academy!

With a Student max-cap, it means only 200 Students total can attend the academy at once. This means working directly with Vishuddha Das, as well as classmates who may become friends for life as well!

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The Soul Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on non-dual teachings of both Buddhist & Hindu wisdom dating back thousands of years, mixed with modern approaches to using these lessons to Manifest your Dream Reality & awaken inner peace.

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Awaken Your True Self!

Our classes focus on how we can awaken to our true nature and find peace in this lifetime

Entrepreneur Oriented!

Our classes also focus heavily on how to grow your social media, become self-sufficient & create your dream reality while maintaining a Spiritual Center as you do.

How it Works

Our Academy is oriented around Weekly video webinar classes where Vishuddha Das will guide you through interactive lessons as you join him on video to work directly together!

Meet Our Founder

& Learn how you will Work Directly with Him in the Academy

Never Miss a Lesson

Missed a class? No worries! All classes are archived and provided upon request if you can't make a class no matter what the reason!

24/7 Discord Chat for Students

Our 24/7 Discord Server for students means you can connect directly with other lightworkers to co-create, set up study sessions & find your tribe!

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